Sunday, September 9, 2012

American Girl dreamin'

Yes, the American Girl craze has hit our household.  At first I was pretty against it - seriously, over $100 for a doll?  And the fact that an "American" Girl doll that is made in China didn't make me too happy.  I think the AG thing hit a few years after my time since I had never heard of them growing up, yet I have a few friends who are a couple of years younger and they all seem to have or remember the "Samantha" doll.  I never played with dolls much growing up.  Sure, I had Barbies and Cabbage Patch dolls, but they still look like new (my parents saved EVERYTHING).  I would dress them up occasionally, move them around, but I had much more fun playing with my brother's stuff and boy cousins.  I was the oldest of the cousins, then it was all boys, and then the youngest cousin was a girl.  Anyways, back to American Girl...

Santa brought Reese an American Girl doll last year.  It was one of the "My American Girl" dolls and it kind of looks like her.  She named her Lily.  Since then, the more we play, read the books, and even play with the virtual "Lily" on the computer, the more I really like these dolls.  They are great quality and what I like most is the message.  They are so positive, teach great lessons about being a good caring person, friend, daughter, student, etc.  After we got Lily (and the foal horse), she decided that she had to go to one of the stores.  There is a store in Denver, where my brother lives, so we celebrated her 6th birthday there.  That's when Julie arrived (and the mare horse).  Julie is one of the "Historical" characters from the 70s with super long blond hair.  I think she looks like my mom back in the 70s:)

Reese gets a kick out of dressing like her doll.  We have a few matching outfits, but then I decided that I would try making something for the start of school.  It was total trial and error and if I have to do it again I'm sure it will come out much better.  The stitching is pretty rough looking (definitely getting my serger out of the box the next time around!).  So, for the first day of school Reese, Lily, and Julie were ready to go in their uniforms!  (Lily's skirt may not be regulation length...)

Here's Reese and Lily in their matching outfits for her birthday (from the American Girl store - I did not make these but plan on making more outfits once I get my "Carrie Room" set up in our new house!).

Reese and Lily look a little wiped after a long day of partying and shopping.  I'm in line paying for "Julie" to be added to the AG family.
Here's one more thing I made, inspired from one of my favorite blogs,  Reese really wanted Lily to be a mermaid one day and I thought, why not?  Then I went a little crazy and made a bunch for her friends and cousin in all different sparkly material.

And to end, the American Girl Pledge (love this!):

I can be myself, follow my dreams,
and always do my best.
I can reach for the stars, lend a
hand to others, and be a good friend.
I can make a difference.
I promise to try.

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