Saturday, November 3, 2012

Caps, Caps for Sale! 50 cents a cap!

Well, not 50 cents (darling classic kids book if you don't have it), but I do have a very, very limited supply of hats for sale on Etsy!  As I have been unpacking I came across a box with a few of the hats I had left before we moved from Jackson, WY to Grand Junction, CO.  I have been so flattered with so many requests lately for hats that I decided to put what I have left on Etsy and the cutest kids store in Grand Junction, Kairos.
Kairos children's boutique
533 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO  81501

 Hopefully in the near future I'll have my sewing room set up and ready to take's a little overwhelming at the moment...I don't even know where to begin!  It is exciting to have a whole room that will be MINE and not the corner or my bedroom or the dining room (my husband is even more excited about this!).
I wish I could hire someone to just make this all functional.  It's actually gotten worse since I took this picture.  I keep adding boxes and then closing the door! 
Hopefully there is a hat out there that will work for you and your little one!  Thank you all for your support and motivation to keep going with this! 

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